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About us

The company K¨¹hnast radiation technology in January 1984 by Mr. Hans Ulrich K¨¹hnast in W?chtersbach in the Main - Kinzig - loop set up.

In the first years of its revenues generated K¨¹hnast Mr. largely on the sale of lamps and reflectors made herself. Supplies were very many major equipment manufacturers and graphic stores. But soon the product range was expanded to include measurement devices.

The first UV - instruments used for the tanning industry was established in 1988 in Waechtersbach. With the successful launch in the tanning industry and the acceptance of the market, they decided to embark on other sectors of the UV-measuring techniques. With the construction of innovative equipment, we are now one of the leading manufacturers of UV measuring devices in all areas.

This expansion step should follow in the next few years more.

K¨¹hnast radiation technology provides the full range of all leading lamp manufacturer and in 1990 founded a branch in Dresden.

Also in 1990, the first quick start copying lamp was developed. This is both for the horizontal than the vertical can also be used for exposure. The elimination of standby time brings an energy savings of up to 80%. This technique has now become established on a broad basis.

From 1993, the first devices to screen exposure, plate exposure, film developing machines film and proofing devices have been sold.

With the return of the sector exposure was started in 1997, the UV-Quickstart-technology areas for the drying and curing implement. Through a promising and innovative technology that the company could secure K¨¹hnast radiation technology in this market their shares. Our ambition is clearly to expand this market further.

In order to realize this even better, we established at 01 January 2003, the radiation K¨¹hnast GmbH

We are now in UV-Quickstart dryers for all applications.