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New KUHNAST UV-365A using microcomputer technology, is a high stability, high precision UV light strength tester, its volume, lightweight, easy to read large LCD display features beautiful, very suitable for various industries effectively detect ultraviolet light source .
To achieve consistency UV curing effect, to accurately determine the time of replacement of the lamp, with only those who appear visually significant deviation, the optional UV light intensity detection device becomes even more important.


Health, medical , chemical, electronics, aerospace and other industries, especially suitable for industrial UV curing , UV disinfection , medical treatments , fluorescence analysis , ultraviolet lithography , water disinfection, bio- breeding areas such as ultraviolet irradiance measurements.
KUHNAST UV-365A can provide scientific and accurate test data , allowed to clear the need for replacement of the UV lamp, UV lamp power is the right choice to provide guidelines for UV curing process has been optimized, and ultimately achieve cost savings purposes.
Main features:
Aluminum case , compact and flexible , you can single -hand operation ,
Backlit LCD screen, 128 * 64 , beautiful and easy to read interface,
Separate probe and airframe design, easy to replace different spectral probes
Automatic memory function, can store 10 sets of data circulation ,
With locking function to facilitate comparative work record ,
Auto power off function to save power ,
Using microcomputer technology , high accuracy , low power consumption
Linear UV detector , good stability , by the visible impact is small,
Use of green rechargeable lithium -ion battery,
Comes with USB standard charging port , can be directly used computer USB port charging
The amount of transfer by the United States NIST calibration standards .
Technical parameters:
Spectral range : UV 250-410 nm , the center wavelength: 365 nm,
Resolution : 0.01 mW/cm2 (1mW/cm2 = 1000 uW/cm2)
Range : 0-1999 mW/cm2 ( milliwatts / cm )
Measurement error : 5%
Using the power : 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery
Battery power consumption: about 0.1mA
Battery life: about 500 full charge and discharge times , filled with a normal 60 days , depending on usage conditions .
Main shell material : aluminum, anodized surface treatment
Dimensions: square structure , long- 120x width 78x height 18 mm ( mm )
Display: 1.5 inches ( 128 * 64 LCD screen + glass )
Sensitive probe: diameter : 35mm, height : 16.5mm
Probe line : Standard cable : 1.5 m extension cord : 2 m
By Aperture : 9mm
Sampling time: about 0.5 seconds
Data Logging : 10 groups of cyclic data
Charging Interface : USB ( standard charging port )
Host weight : 240g
Probe Weight : 80g
Operating temperature : 0 to 85 ( degrees Celsius )
Withstand temperature : 120 ( degrees Celsius ) under the conditions of continuous exposure to less than 20 seconds
How to use:
1, first put the probe connector into the instrument connection port , such as the status of the instrument is opened automatically restart, shutdown state to enter the next step ;
2, according to the instrument panel on the far left "NO / OFF" key to boot into the system displays brand LOGO and product serial number as shown on the LCD screen after the value of MAX 0.000, CUR 0.000, then you can be tested ;
3, the detection probe towards the need to detect ultraviolet light source , the detector should pay attention to the value and the level of standard equipment has nothing to do with the distribution of the UV lamp position and power on ;
4 , in different positions with the detection probe , appears on the display apparatus corresponding to the light intensity data , such as the display "100" , depending on the detected light intensity of 100mw/cm2, MAX is the maximum value is automatically recorded as no higher value will remain ;
5 , the instrument screen will display two sets of data , the maximum value "MAX", the current value "CUR", if you want to record the current operator of a point light intensity value , just click the "HOLD" button to lock the instrument value will screen above the light intensity value ;
6 , press "CHANGE" key to re- test the next set of data , a total circulation of 10 sets of data record-keeping ,
7 , smart shutdown function : no keys are pressed for 10 seconds or no test signal automatically shut backlight ; no signal status 5 minutes without operating keys automatically shut down ; signaled 10 minutes without operation buttons automatically shutdown, shutdown put it in its carrying case for safekeeping .
Calibration cycle : Since all of the electronic components such as: sensors, usually with the use of time and aging, as more accurately to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed calibration period of one year.
Warranty: one year from the date of purchase warranty , artificial damage or damage caused by objective factors excluded.
Standard accessories: host 1 ; standard probe 1 ; charging cable 1 ; Manual 1 ; Warranty card 1 ; carrying case 1 .
Optional accessories : UV-A, UV-V nduction probe.